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Steils Nadia

Functions :

  • Department : Management, Assistant Professor, Phd
  • Field of research : Strategic Marketing Innovation, Faculty


N1 - Rue Louvrex  14 - 4000 Liège


General data :

Category: Académique

Biography: I am an assistant professor in digital marketing at the University of Lille (IAE Lille) and track coordinator of the 2nd and 3rd Bachelor year in International Management. My research focuses on digital marketing and consumer behavior. In particular, I am interested in the study of crowdsourcing, smart city, consumer e-learning, information processing, new technologies and learning related issues. I defended my dissertation in 2016 at the University of Namur (Belgium) and the University of Lille (France). My PhD work focused on the antecedents and consequences of consumers' e-learning processes.

Research data :

Thesis title : [2016] Ph.D. in marketing

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