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Jewell Charlotte

Functions :

  • Department : Management, Junior Researcher 1
  • Field of research : Changing workplace and strategic HRM, Junior Researcher 1


B31 - Place des Orateurs 3 - 4000 Liège

+32 4 3663070


General data :

Category: Scientifique

Biography: Charlotte Jewell holds a Master of Science in legal anthropology (London School of Economics) and a specialised master’s degree in Public Health methodologies (Université Catholique de Louvain & Université Libre de Bruxelles). After working as a researcher at the Digital Health unit of imec-SMIT, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, she joined the LENTIC/CRIS in march 2021 as a PhD student on the project, ‘Beyond the storm: a post-crisis analysis of organizational learning and emerging norms in healthcare institutions’. Under the supervision of Professor F. Pichault and Professor C. Dubois, her PhD research will focus on understanding the process of adaptation in hospitals by healthcare professionals during the COVID-19 crisis and understand the longer-term effects on the organisation and the work processes.

Research data :

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