Continuing education has increasingly become essential to career advancement and professional development.

The acquisition of new skills and update of acquired knowledge are also essential factors for economic redeployment. Therefore, HEC Liège organizes part-time studies and evening courses for several years.

Effective teaching

  • Pragmatic, active methods
  • Teaching focusing on business life
  • Courses taught by professionals

Flexible organization

  • Complete program
  • Can be spread over 2 academic years
  • Formula à la carte by choosing "isolated modules"

Quality service

  • Secretariat open in the evening and on Saturday mornings
  • Access to the HEC Liege parking lot and to all School infrastructures  

Distance learning: only for specialized Master’s degree programs  

Courses held on Tuesdays and Thursdays are partially recorded in audio and video. However, for certain activities, personal attendance at Liege remains necessary, in particular on Saturdays, when no recordings of courses are made.


Last update :17/01/2018