Intrapreneurship and Management of Innovation Projects

Intrapreneurship and Management of Innovation Projects

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This specialization involves training & practical experience during which students are immersed for a whole academic year in a company in which they will manage a concrete innovation project. It is open to students of the Master in Business Engineering and the Master in Management Science. 



  • to develop theoretical and practical expertise in strategy, organization, project management and change management, needed for the management of any innovation project  
  • to understand the multiple components and issues of innovation projects, which may be strategic, organizational, technological, financial, human etc.
  • to conduct a detailed analysis of a management challenge or a strategic innovation project that is specific to a company
  • to propose and implement adequate solutions for the innovation project in a transversal approach of change project management.

By doing this and by being immersed in the company, students get their first real professional experience while receiving coaching from their company mentors and their teaching staff at HEC Liege.  


Target groups

This program, for which an application file must be submitted, is intended for students who

  • are interested in questions of strategy and the management of projects, innovation and change;
  • want to become immersed in the “real world” of companies during the last year of their studies;
  • are ready to manage a concrete innovation project with multiple issues on behalf of a company (with the coaching of mentors and HEC Liege teaching staff);
  • are aiming for a professional career in strategic management, innovation and change project management, auditing and consultancy.


Skills gained on completion of the specialization

  • expertise - theoretical and practical - in innovation project management
  • understanding of the transversal and multidimensional issues of all innovation projects
  • mastery of business diagnostic tools: strategic auditing, organizational auditing, IT system auditing, diagnosis of a management challenge etc.
  • mastery of methods of project management and change management
  • implementation of theoretical knowledge in the “A to Z” management of a concrete company project
  • development of soft skills required for innovation project management:  a sense of initiative, strategic reflection, critical spirit, team work, creativity, communication etc.         


Specific diploma and outcomes

On completion of this specialization, students are awarded the diploma of “Master in Management Engineering with specialization in Intrapreneurship and Management of Innovation Projects or of Master in Management Science, specialized in Intrapreneurship and Management of Innovation Projects.

Graduates of this specialization will be called to guide strategic projects and manage the dynamics of innovation and change within a broad range of organizations.  The professions in view are all within the fields of high responsibility management, auditing and consultancy. 

Last update :25/01/2022