Admission requirements

Any student holding a Bachelor's degree in economics and management OR a Bachelor's degree in human resources and social sciences, option human resources management, may submit an application or admission to this programme.

Registration: procedure for the 2022-2023 academic year will be available in March 2022

The MOST programme is accessible to students who have successfully completed their Bachelor's cycle in a maximum of 4 years and have reached a sufficient level in the courses of the other faculty, e.g.:

FOR THE BACHELOR IN ECONOMIC AND MANAGEMENT SCIENCES: an average of 12/20 for all courses in the field of human and social sciences (Analysis of organizations, Introduction to the human sciences, Political science and globalization, Strategic human resources management)

FOR THE BACHELOR IN HUMAN AND SOCIAL SCIENCES: an average of 12/20 for all courses in the field of management (Social Law, Descriptive Statistics, General Accounting, Elements of probability calculation applied to the social sciences, Strategic Human Resources Management).  

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR STUDENTS HOLDING A NON-BELGIAN DEGREE: an admission procedure is compulsory in parallel with the selection procedure. All information is available on the website of the University of Liège ( ). Please note that applications from students holding a degree from outside the European Union must be submitted to the Admissions Department of the University of Liège by 30 April.

Last update :29/11/2021