Master in Law / Management: two masters in 3 years!

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The Law specialization is the result of a partnership between HEC Liege and the Faculty of Law, Political Science and Criminology of the University of Liege.

Its objective is to enable students to obtain 2 Master’s degrees, in Management Science and in Law, in 3 years of study.  

This is a unique opportunity in Belgium and responds to the expectations of various professional sectors looking for high level employees with sound skills in management and law.

This course is based on a special program adapted from the first stage of the Master’s degree course.

 7 strengths of the program

  • A unique profile that is sought after on the job market
  • High level specialized expertise both in law and management science 
  • An interdisciplinary course (final thesis, seminars)
  • Proficiency in English and Dutch
  • Rooted in the realities of the workplace through completion of an internship
  • Synergy between students in law and in management
  • A participative learning method (group work, seminars, etc.)

Target groups

The Master in Law / Management is available only on submission of a file from students with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management Science or Business Engineering from the University of Liege or another university. The selection is made in the course of the academic year preceding entry into the Master’s degree course.

How is it done?

During their first two years of the Master’s degree course, students follow the compulsory courses in Management Science as well as the courses in Law that are necessary in order subsequently to obtain a Master in Law.  

Once they have become managers, they will have direct access to the Master in Law, specializing in Law and Management, in which 30 credits are devoted to interdisciplinary seminars led by lecturers of law and management.  

On completion, students are awarded the Law Diploma and the Management Diploma.   

2 years of the Master in Management Science specialized in Law


1 year of the Master in Law specialized in Law and Management 


2 diplomas from the University of Liege : one from HEC Liege and the other from the Law Faculty! 


Diploma and specific outcomes  

The Master in Law-Management particularly prepares students for professions in which law and management are needed on a day-to-day basis:

  • company lawyer
  • trustee
  • company auditor.

Large companies specializing in advice are particularly interested in this profile. Similarly, small and medium enterprises are actively seeking managers who have law and management skills.

In general, lawyers are particularly sought after in private (industrial and / or commercial) companies; banks; insurance companies; public administrations (Finance, Planning etc.); diplomatic careers and legal functions within international organizations, and in journalism.

This diploma gives access to all legal professions, including the bar and the bench.





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