Industrial & Business Engineering (IBE)

Industrial & Business Engineering: two masters in 3 years!

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Its objectives?

The technology specialization is the result of a partnership between HEC Liège and HELMO Gramme. It allows students to combine the skills learned in both study programs and obtain the joint Master in Industrial and Business Engineering after a three-year Master course.

This is a unique opportunity in Belgium and caters to the expectations of the professional world, as it is looking for high-level collaborators with solid technological, scientific and managerial competencies.

The course is based on a specially developed program from the first year of the Master degree course onwards.

Advantages of the program in 7 key points

  • A unique profile that is highly valued on the employment market
  • In-depth expertise in technological, scientific and management related subject areas, all in one program
  • An interdisciplinary course (common standard competencies)
  • Proficiency in the English language
  • Based on real professional experience thanks to internships
  • Identification of student profiles as either industrial engineer or business engineer (common cross-disciplinary projects)
  • A participative learning approach (group work, seminars, etc.)


Who is it for?

The program is applicable to any student who wishes

  • to acquire thorough technical knowledge
  • to have a large range of career opportunities
  • to set up their own business.

Considering the specificity and the demands of the course program, it is only available on application.

Any student holding a Bachelor’s degree in Business Engineering from ULg or from any other university can submit an admission file in order to access this program. The selection will be made during the academic year preceding the start of the Master degree course.


What happens next?

Once accepted, students then begin the Master in Business Engineering with Technology as a specialization. During the first two years of the Master’s degree course, apart from mandatory courses in Management Sciences, students gain another 30 credits from the Industrial Engineering course, which are indispensable to the Master in Industrial and Business Engineering.

Once students have obtained their first Master in Business Engineering with Technology as a specialization, they have direct access to the Master in Industrial Engineering with Industry as a specialization, according to a special 63-credit program (which takes into account the achievement of a certain number of credits depending on the program they have actually completed successfully). The final year is the culminating point of their course, during which students complete their studies in Technology. It also focuses on specific interdisciplinary seminars given jointly by a professor from Gramme and a professor from HEC Liège.

At the end of this third and final year, students obtain their Master in Industrial Engineering. Thanks to its versatility, this degree opens up a very broad professional horizon, ranging from the public and private sectors, from production to research, from project management to sales, from SMEs to multinationals, not to mention education and entrepreneurship.

The student who whishes

  • to acquire advanced technical knowledge
  • to choose from a wide range of career opportunities
  • to set up his own company

Degree and specific opportunities for the Technology specialization

At the end of their studies, students who have obtained a Master in Industrial and Business Engineering will have the possibility to demonstrate the value of their management diploma within a company.


The Master in Industrial and Business Engineering prepares the students particularly for any profession where technological and management skills are required on a daily basis, i.e.:

  • The management of sizeable projects
  • Setting up a business
  • Involvement in a cutting-edge technological and commercial environment
  • Exercising managerial responsibilities



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Last update :14/03/2022