Internship and thesis

In-company internship

All students enrolled in a 120-credit Master’s program at HEC Liège are required to complete a 10-week in-company internship during the second fourth-month term of the second year of the Master’s program. An internship familiarizes students with the life and management of companies and allows them to confront the theoretical knowledge acquired with its practical implementation.

Students have the opportunity during the internship to deal with a real-life management problem and to fulfill a specific task they have been assigned, which has to be connected to the option they have chosen. 

The internship may be undertaken with a private (commercial, financial or industrial) or public company, a semi-public organization or an international organization in or outside Belgium.

Should the internship assignment comprise an "international prospecting" component for a Walloon company, the student may qualify for an Explort grant from the AWEX (Wallonia Foreign Trade and Investment Agency) (

At the end of the internship, the student has to submit and defend a report.

The internship is a key component of the course, accounting for 1/6th of the assessment during the second year of the Master’s program. Students choosing this internship option must complete a "research thesis" type of final year dissertation (FYD). Students opting for the internship to be included in the project thesis should refer to the "project thesis" form shown below. 

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"Research thesis"

Original research linked to the option students have chosen in their curriculum, or skills acquired during the 60-credit Master’s program, the final year dissertation (FYD) is focused on the analysis of a general management problem expressed in research questions.

This project, based on a rigorous scientific approach, must enable students to demonstrate they have mastered the theoretical knowledge learned during training and are able to apply this knowledge discerningly in order to analyze and solve a practical problem connected to the business world.

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"Project thesis"

As part of the "project thesis" students are required to analyze a major management problem raised by a company/organization. They offer substantiated solutions and, where appropriate, apply them within the company environment. The management problem dealt with should be relevant to the specialization option students have chosen

This may be a private or public company operating in the market or non-market sector and based in Belgium or the Euregio.

The student is present in the company throughout the academic year, once a week during the first four-month term AND full time during the second four-month term (January to April): +/- 4 months spent in the company.

The "project thesis" is earmarked for students enrolled in a 120-credit Master’s degree program.

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