Specialized Master in Social Economy


A UNIQUE training programme in Belgium, combining a "management" component (provided by HEC Liège) and a "socio-economic" component (provided by FOPES UCLouvain), enabling you to specialize in the field of social and solidarity economy.


Who is this program for?

  • All holders of a master's degree wishing to upgrade their training in the field of social economy
  • People who are already professionally active and wish to improve their skills in the field of social economy, or redirect their career towards it.


Why register?

  • To rethink the way we organize economic activity, as well as its relationship to society
  • To master the analysis grids and tools from several disciplines: economics, management, sociology, ethics
  • To approach the different realities of social economy
  • To experiment with management tools adapted to the different models of social enterprises
  • To become an actor of change


The advantages of this specialist master's degree

  • A team of teachers who are pioneers in the development of educational programmes in the field of social economy
  • A multidisciplinary pedagogy and a programme rooted in the field, offering many contacts with social economy professionals and ensuring the integration of students into social economy networks
  • Courses based on internationally recognized research expertise and allowing students to benefit from the most advanced knowledge on social economy enterprises


In practical terms

  • A 60-credit programme, including 43 credits for courses and 17 credits for the thesis.   
    • 20 course credits in Louvain-la-Neuve (on Tuesdays)   
    • 20 course credits  in Liège (on Thursdays)
  • A research-thesis along with a mandatory internship, or a project thesis consisting in carrying out a mission in a company (as well as a seminar related to the thesis for 3 credits)
  • The programme can be spread over 2 years
  • Candidates who do not hold a master's degree might benefit from the validation of prior experience (VPE) (the procedures for admission under the VPE are specified in the brochure)


More informations (UCLouvain Website) (FR)

Download the brochure (FR)


Last update :27/09/2019