Internship and thesis

Teaching practice

All students taking the Master’s degree course of 120 credits with a specialization in teaching at HEC Liege have to complete the following during their final year of the Master’s degree course:

  • Teaching observation practice
  • Teaching practice

in economics classes organized in qualifying Institutes of Higher Secondary education. The objective is to prepare the future teacher in the practice of teaching. At the end of the practice, the student submits a report.The practice is a vital element of the curriculum; it represents a total of 8 EU ECTS credits.


Research paper  

Within the framework of the specialization in teaching of the Master in Management, the final year dissertation (FYD) takes the form of a research paper, whose subject is management or economics related, with a connection to the educational sector.

Original research linked to the option students have chosen in their curriculum, the final year dissertation (FYD) is focused on the analysis of a general management problem expressed in research questions.

This project, based on a rigorous scientific approach, must enable students to demonstrate they have mastered the theoretical knowledge learned during training and are able to apply this knowledge discerningly in order to analyze and solve a practical problem connected to the business world.

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