The Specialization in teaching prepares students for employment in the higher secondary educational sector.

This specialization is accessible both to students of the master’s degree program in management and to those of the master’s degree program in economics.  It is based on a common core in management and economics and offers, in the 2nd year of the master’s degree program, a specific program with 30 credits, including observation and teaching internships.

However, students who do not choose this teaching specialization from the outset but who, after completing another specialization, decide after all that they want to follow a career in teaching, will have the option of following only the 30 credits specifically allocated to the teacher training specialization without having to write another final thesis.



This specialization enables students to

  • receive training in educational psychology

  • prepare for the teaching profession while continuing their management studies. 


Target groups

The program is intended for

  • students wishing to enter general or vocational secondary teaching or to teach in the lifelong learning sector.

Skills gained on completion of this specialization

  • Development of effective relationships within the institution, with colleagues and parents of pupils;

  • Mastery of disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge at the basis of teaching and the disciplinary teaching guiding it;

  • Mastery of the relational skills linked to the requirements of the profession;

  • Designing, testing, assessing and regulating teaching systems;

  • Development of a broad social and economic culture in order to awake pupils’ interest in the world;

  • Understanding and mastery of the ethical issues linked to the daily exercise of the teaching profession;

  • Development of a reflective perspective on the exercise of the profession with a view to organizing one’s continuous training.


Degree and specific outcomes

On completion of this specialization, students are awarded the degree of “Master in Management Science, specializing in teaching” or of “Master in Economics, specializing in teaching”.

Outcomes in teaching

This teacher training program allows graduates to teach in general or vocational (technical or professional) secondary education as well as to teach in the lifelong learning sector (adults at day or evening classes).   

The main subjects taught are economics, management, law, management techniques and management information systems.

Outcomes in training

This teacher training program also provides a very useful preparation for those embarking on a career in training or as a company training manager, introducing them to themes in educational psychology such as communication, group leadership techniques, teaching methods and assessment of learning programs.


Last update :17/01/2018