Master - 60 Credits

The Master’s degree program in management 60 credits is a general program.
It comprises 45 credits for courses and 15 credits for the final thesis.
It is offered as both a full-time course AND as an out-of-hours course.  


This specialization allows students to acquire

  • transversal methodological tools in order to offer them concrete solutions and added value solutions to management problems, taking in the human, social and legal dimensions  
  • language skills
  • a creative, ethical and efficient spirit of decision.

Skills gained on completion of the Master’s degree program in management 60 credits

  • detailed knowledge of the disciplines on which management is based, at a level  allowing graduates to begin a general professional career
  • mastery of a skill or specific field of specialization allowing graduates to present a high level profile, for example, when looking for a job or in view of a specialization or a career in further research 
  • proficiency in English and one other foreign language 
  • an understanding of how companies function and of contemporary economic issues
  •  the capacity to implement gained knowledge in a complex grass-roots situation, to conduct a rigorous analysis of the situation encountered and to provide relevant solutions.

Degree and outcomes

On completion of this program, students are awarded the degree of “Master in Management”.  

This program prepares students to work in all kinds of organizations as  

  • Manager
  • Director
  • Consultant
  • Founder of a business start-up.
Last update :19/03/2019