Management of Social & Sustainable Enterprises

Its objectives

  • To train the talents who will support companies in their transition to sustainable business models, by integrating social and environmental issues with a view to social responsibility and the creation of shared value
  • To transmit advanced skills in the various management fields (strategy, financial management, project management, reporting, etc.) revisited in relation to the major societal challenges of our time
  • To promote the professional, efficient and appropriate management of social enterprises and projects for the transition of conventional enterprises
  • To encourage the development of new social entrepreneurship projects.


For whom? 

The programme is for students

  • wishing to use their managerial skills to support projects with high social or environmental added value
  • aware of societal issues and innovative solutions to be provided in areas such as the environment, North-South relations, food, poverty, education, health, culture, etc.
  • wishing to integrate questions of meaning and ethics into their thinking and practice

Assets gained at the end of the specialization


  • Analyst and managerial skills: managing the main functions of a company; understanding the different business models, their roles and characteristics; analyzing and anticipating the challenges faced by companies in a complex and rapidly changing environment
  • Operational knowledge: knowing the ecosystem in which social and sustainable enterprises operate; discovering the managerial approaches used in these enterprises; mastering the tools to integrate ethical, social and environmental concerns, or developing social and sustainable entrepreneurship projects
  • A socio-professional network: meeting the main actors in the field of social and sustainable entrepreneurship in Belgium and abroad; benefiting from their expertise; collaborating with these actors in the context of various missions


Degree and specific opportunities

At the end of this specialism, students obtain the "Master's degree in Management Sciences, with a specialism in the Management of Social and Sustainable Enterprises".


Career opportunities 

  • In creating companies with a major social or environmental impact, or in the management of social or environmental responsibility projects within various companies.
  • In strengthening the managerial skills of social enterprises or enterprises in transition, in various fields of activity, e.g.:
    • Circular economy and territorial development (recycling, production and distribution of green energy, agri-food sector, etc.)
    • Finance and banking (Socially responsible investment, impact investing, ethical finance, solidarity finance, local currencies, etc.)
    • Support for integration into the labour market (integration companies, adapted work companies, business incubators, employment and business cooperatives, etc.)
    • Social and health care services (hospitals, mutual health insurance, early childhood, services for the elderly or disabled, etc.)
    • Culture (cultural production and dissemination, support for artists, etc.)
    • North-South relations (fair trade, ethical supply chains, microfinance, development NGOs, etc.)
  • By developing expertise in social entrepreneurship and the management of sustainability and social responsibility of
    • Organizations and institutions that interact with social and sustainable enterprises (banks and investors, public administrations, etc.)
    • Consultancy firms developing services for social and sustainable enterprises, or specifically focused on supporting these enterprises
    • Boards of directors of social and sustainable companies


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