International Strategic Marketing

Master in International Strategic Marketing

Educate market-oriented leaders in a data-rich, digital, global and service world. Train them to understand marketing from an analytical, statistical, and strategic perspective. 

This Master is intended to students who strive to enhance their analytical, statistical, and strategic skills. It prepares them to embrace a marketing career in any organization, and gives them the ability to readily adapt to the ever-developing marketing world.

In particular, this Master prepares students to

  1. develop a thorough understanding of strategic marketing by means of a data-driven decision-making process,
  2. operate in a data-rich environment and a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous),
  3. adopt an integrated approach to marketing that combines advanced knowledge in traditional and digital marketing with a strategic and international mindset.


Student Profile

This Master targets students who have high analytical skills, who can think strategically, and who support their decision-making process with a thorough understanding of (statistical) data.

Accordingly, students should be at ease with (1) playing with figures, data and statistics and (2) examining academic research in marketing to solve marketing issues in a strategic way. 


What will you learn?

This advanced Master provides students with the academic and professional competences they need for managerial positions in marketing and strategy in any part of the world. Students will receive cutting-edge, both research- and practice-based training. The skills developed in the program are relevant to a wide range of positions in market-oriented organizations.


Key topics of the Master's program

  • Market Research and Statistical Methods: Learning how to conduct market research, analyze data by means of advanced statistical tools and methods to get (consumer) insights and adapt your strategy accordingly.
  • Marketing Analytics: Understanding how to analyze (big) data that are available in the environment to take data-driven strategic decisions.
  • Digital Marketing Strategy: Developing tactical decisions concerning effective product, pricing, distribution and promotion decisions using digital marketing concepts and applications
  • Brand Management: Understanding how to strategically position, grow and sustain a brand in a context of increased media exposure and consumer willingness to co-create brands.
  • Consumer Behavior: Studying processes involved when individuals or groups select, purchase, use, or dispose of products, services, ideas, or experiences to satisfy needs and desires.
  • Strategic Marketing: Learning how to analyze markets and situations analytically and strategically.


 Skills gained on completion of the specialization

Students will be capable of:

  • Collecting, analyzing and summarizing data to assist the decision-making process
  • Using tools to transform raw information into consumer insights
  • Creating and maintaining a competitive advantage
  • Developing e-marketing strategies
  • Working out global strategies for products and services.
  • Defining and understanding key digital concepts, including digital business models, e-commerce, digital consumer behavior, ways of communication, social networks etc.
  • Defining, assessing and setting up multi-channel strategies
  • Making diagnoses of companies’ digital activity
  • Creating strategies for gaining, activating and increasing customer loyalty online


Degree and specific outcomes

On completion of this Master, students are awarded the “Master in Management Science, Specializing in “International Strategic Marketing” degree.

Career opportunities in the following fields:

  • Market research: market analyst, competition analyst, trend analyst.
  • Business analytics: digital marketing analyst, CRM manager, data analyst, business consultant etc.
  • Digital marketing: multi-channel marketing, SEO/SEA strategist, content manager and strategist, campaign manager, mobile product manager, product owner, email marketing manager etc.
  • E-commerce: e-commerce account manager, traffic manager, user experience designers, etc.
  • Business development functions (sales representative, key account manager…)
  • Marketing-related jobs (product manager, brand manager…)



Last update :24/08/2020