Financial Analysis and Audit

Two specialized masters are offered in the field of Finance:

Financial Analysis and Audit


This program trains future executive managers and corporate executives of businesses and organizations specializing in all business areas related to both internal and external control processes.

Target groups

The program is intended for students wishing to pursue a career in Finance (auditor, certified public accountant, etc.).

Financial Analysis and Auditing is partially taught in English.


Skills gained on completion of the specialization

            ° In technical matters:

  • Mastery of accounting, financial, auditing and legal procedures necessary for a good understanding of the risks that organizations face on a daily basis;
  • The capacity to gauge these risks as to the strategic, economic, legal and ethical context of an organization’s environment;
  • The integration (or due consideration) of the strategic, ethical, legal and economic context of organizations, so as to develop systems for internal and external control, to manage the identified risks and to control them;

            ° In behavioral matters:

  • To be able to develop an overall and cross-functional vision of the running of an organization, while combining their experience in the field with a more conceptual approach.

Diploma and specific outcomes

At the end of this specialization, students obtain the degree of “Master in Management, with a specialization in Financial Analysis and Audit”.


Career opportunities in corporate finance as

  • Finance director of a commercial or industrial company;
  • Credit analyst or credit manager with a commercial bank;
  • Consultant/ analyst in acquisitions and mergers;
  • Financial analyst: assistant financial manager in a large company; treasurer in a commercial or industrial company, or in a nonprofit organization;
  • Financial consultant in public or private entities (investments);
  • In matters of external control: as business auditor, external auditor, specialist consultant, certifying officer;
  • In matters of internal auditing: as comptroller, internal comptroller, internal auditor, internal process auditor;
  • In the financial professions: IRE (Belgian Institute of Company Auditors), IEC (Belgian Association of Chartered Accountants and Tax Advisors), IPCF (Belgian Institute of Chartered Accountants and Tax Accountants).

In time, this degree quickly leads to a senior position in a wide range of companies and different types of organizations, to take-overs of existing companies or to a position of director or independent director on a board of directors.

Last update :17/09/2019