Master in Management

The Master’s degree in management, with a range of specializations, gives you

  • sound training with a high level of specialization. The program consists of a strong core of conceptual (theoretical) knowledge ready to be transformed rapidly into practical (operational) skills in different management jobs.Each specialization combines a range of specialized courses, an internship (in a company, in a public organization, in a research center etc.) and a final thesis.
  • This training combines the transversal university skills that are necessary for the proper development of a career in the world of finance, whether in companies or in professional organizations (adaptability, flexibility, intellectual curiosity, openness to the world, creativity, an entrepreneurial spirit, rooted in the real world, continuous learning) with
  • detailed study of the basic disciplines of management at a level permitting the graduate to begin a general professional career, or one that is linked more specifically to one of these disciplines   
  • a thorough mastery of a skill or a well-defined area of specialization, providing the graduate with a highly specialized profile for the purposes of looking for a job, or pursuing further research
  • proficiency in two foreign languages: English (to a level corresponding to the international standard C1) and another language (to a minimum level of B2) 
  • understanding the way companies function and the contemporary  economic issues at stake
  • the capacity to implement the knowledge gained in the context of a complex field situation, to analyze rigorously the situation observed and to provide appropriate solutions

Specializations in the Master’s degree program in management are taught entirely in English, or else bilingually in English and French. They build on the areas of excellence of the School or specific professional sectors.

Certain transversal courses that are common for all specializations of the Master’s degree in management, are compulsory for 3 credits. These courses can be chosen from the following list: Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Business Ethics, Digital Business, and International Strategy.

Découvrez les finalités spécialisées :

Banking & Asset Management  Financial Analysis and Audit  Global Supply Chain Management

International Strategic Marketing Law Management of social and sustainable entreprises

Stratégie et Management des Ressources Humaines  Intrapreneurship and management of innovation project  Teaching

Last update :02/03/2021