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HEC Liège Entrepreneurs is a master’s degree specializing in entrepreneurship for university graduates or graduates from long-term higher education programs or similar.


HEC Liège Entrepreneurs: a unique concept!

its close cooperation with entrepreneurs and businesses.

Students work in multidisciplinary teams, supervised and monitored by their mentor. They work on real cases and provide analysis and professional solutions to the issues put before them.

We offer two courses:

  • Project/SME Management for participants who wish to perform a variety of assignments with outside firms
  • Founder/Buyer for participants who wish to establish or acquire a business (family business or other).

The program is taught both in French and in English.



During their different assignments, the teams work on a real and specific project, in close cooperation with the company and under the supervision of a mentor.

At the end of each assignment, the teams defend the result of their work before an external jury chaired by prominent entrepreneurs


If you want to make a career in SME management, you will find all aspects of entrepreneurship are covered by the following modules:

  • Business Model
  • New Venture
  • Negotiation
  • Sales
  • Growth Strategy
  • Acquisition and Transmission
  • Marketing
  • The Right-hand man
  • Soft skills for entrepreneurs

This program can be assigned differently depending on the course selected: Project/ SME Management vs. Founder/Buyer.


The program prepares you to be effective quickly in a range of contexts:

  • Setting up or buying a company
  • Managing an SME in several strategic and operational positions
  • Managing projects in a company.

It offers unique opportunities for professional networking (address book) and diverse experiences that can be put to use in a business.

Since 2005, HEC Liège Entrepreneurs graduates have found their first position in a diverse variety of companies:

  • By setting up or buying their own company
  • Energy or industrial groups
  • Banking, construction or telecom companies
  • Consulting or Real Estate, etc.

HEC Liège Entrepreneurs
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