Macroeconomics & Finance


The specialization in Macroeconomics & Finance offers

  • a dual training program in economics and finance
  • the opportunity of presenting a profile with this dual specialization to the financial sector, as well to other sectors (commercial or otherwise).

The program comprises

  • 60 ECTS of mandatory courses that are common to both specializations
  • 30 ECTS of specialization courses (courses in monetary macroeconomics and in theoretical and applied quantitative finance)
  • 20 ECTS for the final thesis
  • 10 ECTS for the internship that must be in the monetary and financial sector.

Degree and specific outcomes

On completion of this specialization, students are awarded the degree of “Master in Economics, specializing in Macroeconomics and Finance”.

Career opportunities

  • Banks ;
  • Central banks ;
  • Consultancy companies ;
  • Research centers ;
  • Central banks and financial institutions ;
  • PhD in Economics.


Last update :31/08/2021