Sustainable Performance Management

The program of this specialization is organized around major themes of the management and optimization of the performance of any organization in a logic of sustainable performance, respecting in the long term the interests of all its internal and external stakeholders.



The purpose of this specialization is to:

train future executives and directors of nonprofit companies or organizations who wish to specialize in professions linked to internal control, internal auditing, management control, risk management or integrated risk management, quality and safety and, more generally, in the general management of the performance of companies, or who are called to optimize their performance continually.  


Target groups

This program is intended:

for students wishing to gain a solid basis of knowledge, tools and practical experience in transversal performance management (through internal control, internal auditing, management control or risk management) in all kinds of organizations (for-profit companies or nonprofit organizations).

This specialization in Sustainable Performance Management can be followed entirely in English.


Skills gained on completion of this specialization

  • development of a transversal vision of the various jobs and professions existing together in companies;
  • mastery of internal and external auditing techniques and of the accounting, financial and legal techniques needed for a well-integrated mastery of the financial and intangible human resources of an organization;   
  • a detailed theoretical and practical mastery of the main repositories and models of performance management and of internal risk control (EFQM, COSO, ISO 9001-15 etc.);
  • the ability to assess the consistency of the development of these techniques with regard to the regulatory and ethical legal constraints imposed by the competitive, strategic and economic context of organizations;
  • the development, analysis and adaptation of the procedures, processes and mechanisms that are useful for good leadership and the medium and long term control both of the performance of an organization and also of the operational risks it faces.


Diploma and specific outcomes

On completion of this specialization, students are awarded the diploma of “Master in Business Engineering, Specializing in Sustainable Performance Management”.


Career opportunities

in performance management:

  • Internal control officer
  • Internal auditor
  • Internal process auditor
  • Internal financial analyst
  • Resource manager
  • Risk manager
  • Management control officer
  • Business analyst (publicly owned companies)

in financial management:

  • Manager or financial director of “Business Units”
  • Cost controller
  • Analytical or management accountant
  • Treasury manager
  • Planning and budgeting manager.

Ultimately, this specialization leads quickly to executive positions in companies or organizations of any type, the takeover of existing companies or as administrator within a board of directors.

Last update :26/01/2021