Financial Engineering

HEC Liège is certified "Financial Risk Manager" (FRM) by the GARP (Global Association of Risks Professionals) for its Master in Business Engineering specialized in Financial Engineering.


The specialization in Financial Engineering can be followed entirely in English. It is organized around the major themes of modeling, valuation and management of financial assets and risks.   



This specialization is organized around major themes of modeling financial tools and markets.  

  • It trains specialists in the modeling, valuation and management of financial assets and risks;
  • It provides students with the methodological and quantitative tools they need in order to participate actively in the creation, management and control of financial products and services with high scientific and technical added value;
  • It gives them mastery of concepts and techniques in an innovative framework.


Target groups

The program is intended for:  

  • students who want to work in advanced areas of finance;
  • students who want to work in the quantitative departments of financial institutions ; in the development of new financial technologies (fintechs), in risk management, in functions related to the structuring of financial transactions (investment banking) or investment fund managers, or in the technical departments of insurance companies and pension funds;
  • people who want to strengthen their knowledge by complementary training in the fields of mathematical finance or in actuarial services;
  • students who wish to start a PhD on topics related to corporate finance, quantitative finance, asset management or financial economics.

The specialization in Financial Engineering is taught entirely in English.


Skills gained on completion of the specialization

  • detailed knowledge of financial institutions, markets and assets, of their principles of operation and/or of use;
  • mastery of concepts and problems specific to asset management and risk management;
  • ability to identify mechanisms of price formation and of risk emergence in order to control the conceptual and technical aspects of market and banking finance;
  • mastery of the technical aspect of financial operations by developing innovative procedures of calculation and optimization;
  • applying the quantitative and methodological aspects of the tools and techniques developed during their studies,  through projects and applications created individually or in a group.


Diploma and specific outcomes

On completion of this specialization, students are awarded the diploma of “Master in Business Engineering, Specializing in Financial Engineering”.

Career opportunities in the following fields :

  • quantitative departments of financial institutions
  • risk management
  • technical departments of insurance companies
  • pension funds
  • structuring functions in trading rooms
  • managers of investment funds, including hedge funds.
  • all jobs in asset management (management of mutual funds / pension funds / hedge funds etc.) with a view to portfolio construction 
  • jobs in modeling and management of complex risks (use of derivatives, liquidity, credit and operationals) in the financial sector
  • jobs in investment banking involving preparing and operationalizing complex strategies in the origination, evaluation and exchange of securities, including the context of mergers and acquisitions.


Certification "Financial Risk Manager" (FRM) - GARP 


Last update :26/01/2021