The 21st century has presented our communities with major changes and challenges. Under their 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the United Nations has identified 17 goals (SDGs) which require urgent action and attention from global citizens. This ambitious agenda requires impactful innovation that matters! In order to bring innovative ideas into reality, our societies desperately need more entrepreneurs with creative mindsets, adaptive skills, and a sense of passion and purpose to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Impact Entrepreneurship is a response to this process, favoring the creation and growth of enterprises that are ethical, transparent and have a meaningful impact on individual lives and global society. Unlike non-profits, they focus on creating social impact through market strategies. Impact entrepreneurs focus on the triple-bottom-line: People-Planet-Profit, to achieve the appropriate balance between each dimension.

The mission of this Master’s degree is to develop the education of a new generation of impact entrepreneurs. Its ultimate vision is to contribute to the creation of an inclusive economy driven by equity values that give meaning to living together by creating human, ecological and economic value through an entrepreneurial approach.

This innovative and transnational master’s degree in Impact Entrepreneurship is built on the expertise and past experience of three partner institutions:

The EMMIE curriculum is built on a 90 ECTS program spread over 18 months and organized by three of the best European Business Schools. The program is organized into three semesters: the first semester is in Zagreb, the second semester in Vilnius, and the third semester in Liège.


If you are willing to develop your competencies and network to create meaningful projects that have a positive impact on your society;

If you want to be an actor of positive change within your community;

If you prefer to be part of those who wish to be actors rather than spectators; then…

EMMIE is for you!

Registration for 2022-2023 is open until March 21!


For more information, visit EMMIE's website


Last update :15/03/2022