A lively approach to a career as a sales manager


The pedagogical philosophy of the Master in Sales Management alternating work/study proposes an interactive pedagogy inspired by the "Learning by Doing" approach and the "reverse class" approach where students actively take part of their training by learning from experience.

The work-study process coupled with the reverse class method should allow students to go back and forth between theory and practice in the company where they become active partners in developing the knowledge and key skills for successful  careers in Sales Management.

Training at HEC Liège combines seminars, role-playing and handling new tools or processes related to the companies' commercial activities. Theory and practice sessions alternate and complement each other to be directly reinvested in real work situations.



Course Organization

The courses of the Master in Sales Management programme alternating work/study are divided into several parts, i.e. different subjects, which can be taught by different lecturers/mentors.

Each course in the programme takes place over a period of several weeks depending on the number of credits to be filled. A credit-earning evaluation (examination) is organized at the end of each course.

A detailed calendar including the start and end dates of each course as well as the timetables, individual work periods (cramming sessions) and evaluations is made available at the beginning of the academic year.

Last update :12/06/2020