General admission requirements 


Admission procedures

To gain direct access to the programme, i.e. without having to take a complementary course programme, applicants must hold an academic Bachelor's degree in one of the following subjects:

  • management sciences,
  • sale,
  • marketing,
  • technical sales,
  • foreign trade, 
  • e-business.

They may be granted access to the programme on the basis of an application file and the jury's decision on possible additional conditions, provided that:

  • they hold a similar academic degree awarded by the Flemish Community;
  • they hold another academic degree awarded by the French Community, the Flemish Community, the German-speaking Community or by the Royal Military School;  
  • they hold a foreign title or rank deemed comparable to one of those mentioned above and recognized by the jury as equivalent to 180 credits; 
  • on the basis of VAE (Valuation of experience acquired) corresponding to at least five years of activity.  Years of higher education studies can only be taken into account up to one year for every 60 credits acquired, without exceeding 2 years. 



The student must go through the admission process to the programme.

In addition, it is imperative to find a company to definitively validate their registration.


Signature of administrative documents

Indeed, the registration to the programme of the Master in Sales Management alternating work/study is conditioned by the preliminary signature of the following administrative documents:

  • An academic convention of work-study alternation;
  • A professional immersion agreement;
  • A document listing the tasks and activities that the student will carry out during their  professional immersion (Annexe 3).

Once all these documents have been completed, the coordinator of the programme of the Master in Sales Management alternating work/study will send the student an official certificate from HEC Liège authorizing their enrolment in the programme of the Master in Sales Management alternating work/study.

Only this certificate authorizes the student to register officially on the ULiege website.

Last update :07/06/2021