A work-study programme

Alternating work with study: Opting for relevance 


Why a programme alternating work with study?  

Because attitude and know-how are differentiating elements in terms of recruiting sales executives, whom companies want to be ever more expert, specialized and quickly operational.

In the sales field, as in many others, it is expertise, not a glib tongue, that makes all the difference.

Therefore, offering a work-study programme is a relevant choice to meet market requirements.

Alternating work with study, the key element of this Master's degree, places the job of sales executive at the centre of the training, both at HEC Liège and within the company, so that students can apply a number of theoretical concepts and tools acquired at University and be trained according to the concrete needs of their future employers.

This marriage of theory and practice thus contributes to gaining the knowledge and skills required to work as a sales executive and getting a "global approach" in Sales Management.

Last but not least, alternating work with study encourages students to build a professional network, multiply opportunities for meetings and contacts, take on responsibilities, gain autonomy, develop their analytical capacity, and gain hands-on experience by going back and forth between courses and the company.

Alternating work with study is a fully-fledged part of the education system offered at HEC Liège.


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Last update :12/06/2020