Presenting the training

The Master in Sales Management alternating work/study aims to train the salespeople of tomorrow through periodic training enabling students to build their knowledge and develop their know-how and interpersonal skills by contextualizing the concepts and tools covered by the university curriculum while being active in companies.

The Master's in Sales Management alternating work/study is unique for being the only one entirely dedicated to the sales function. The emphasis is placed on the different transversal dimensions of the company related to sales, from the sales strategy (analysis of market trends and competition, value proposition, pricing policy, positioning) to the customer (needs analysis, Customer Centricity & Profiling, e-Business) including the management of the sales budget, negotiation rules and sales team management.

The Master's degree in Sales Management is also innovative as it alternates learning and working. 

Indeed, its particularity is to combine periodic theoretical training given at HEC Liège (2 days per week) with periodic activities in the company (3 days per week) with the purpose of acquiring knowledge and skills from professional experience.


Who is this Master's degree for?

The Master's in Sales Management alternating work/study is intended for students with a commercial vocation:

  • wishing to obtain a specialization associated with their initial training through a university Master's degree of 120 credits;
  • wishing to immerse themselves in the "real world" of business for two years;
  • wishing to develop specific skills for filling a commercial executive function;
  • wishing to acquire not only academic but also professional knowledge.


Advantages of the training

Acquiring a highly-coveted profile

According to an exploratory study carried out by Le Forem, the job of sales manager is one of the most sought-after professions by companies as well as everywhere else. 

Indeed, in a hyper-competitive environment marked by digitalization, companies are increasingly looking for sales managers capable of meeting the new challenges of the sector and taking direct responsibility for the development of their commercial activities.

Aiming for a high added value, diversified and complete business line

The Master's degree in Sales Management alternating work/study is an excellent springboard to a job with responsibilities in Sales Management in terms of sales strategy development, customer portfolio management, KPI analysis, ROI optimization or sales force management. The programme, as well, provides students with the necessary skills to join a management committee, also in a multinational company.

Having real professional experience

The work-study programme, a key element of this Master's degree, allows students to get involved in a large-scale project while being remunerated by the host company. They thus acquire solid professional experience that will be appreciated by recruiters and valued during their hiring process.


Job Prospects

The Master trains future executives in the field of Sales Management in Back as well as Front Office.  

Thanks to the acquisition of solid field experience, this Master enables students to position themselves very favourably on the job market and to be directly operational in order to access a wide range of jobs.

A few examples: 

  • Sales Manager,
  • Key Account Manager,
  • Business Developer,
  • Director of customer relations,
  • E-commerce manager,
  • Import-export manager,
  • Business Area Manager.

You will be able to work in the retail and commercial sectors as well as in industry, aeronautics, IT, banking and insurance, large groups or SMEs, startups, tourism, fashion, pharmacy, the medical sector etc.

What are the prospects for development?

Once promoted seniors, graduates can become business development directors, sales directors or even general managers.  

Last update :12/06/2020