Alternating Master in Sales Management

New Master's degree in Sales Management
alternating Work/Study

The first Master's degree in Belgium aimed at training new talents in the sales function!


Selling today no longer resembles what it used to be - ONLINE REGISTRATION

The days of the "handsome salesman" capable of selling everything are over. In less than 20 years, the role of sales professionals has changed completely and no longer resembles what it was then.

In recent years, increased competition, shortened product life cycles, the proliferation of e-commerce and hyper-connectivity have changed the rules of the game. More than ever, companies must adapt by imagining new ways of thinking, collaborating and doing, which implies rethinking the practices of the sales function. The sales function will have to develop new skills going beyond the verb "to sell" and the art of negotiation or the ability to prospect. 

Indeed, more and more companies are looking for highly qualified sales representatives with a high resilience capacity, i.e. capable of going beyond the traditional sales framework to offer customized solutions with high added value.

The modern-day salesperson has become an expert and strategic thinker, capable of detecting opportunities, anticipating new trends and market developments, developing an existing customer portfolio and implementing growth and internationalization strategies.

In such a context, HEC Liège and four Hautes Ecoles of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (HELMO, HEPL, HENALLUX and ESA) have decided to join forces to co-organize the Master in Sales Management alternating work/study and to offer a training programme in line with the companies' specific expectations.  


Presenting the training




Last update :06/08/2020