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A field trip is a planned Work-Based Learning Experience that several HEC Liège professors have implemented for different groups of students, allowing them to explore or observe occupations. At HEC Liège, these experiences are carefully planned to provide students with a quality educational experience, create positive relationships with the business and give them an informative introduction to careers in various businesses. Their benefits are broad:

  • Expand student learning beyond the walls of the classroom into the local community.
  • Provide students with experiences and perspectives that are not possible to duplicate in the classroom.
  • Allow more informal, personal interactions and conversations.
  • Supplement information that can be obtained through other work awareness and work exploration strategies.
  • Provide an opportunity to develop students’ career readiness skills, including communicating effectively and appropriately (speaking, professional etiquette), personal responsibility, etc.
  • Provide exposure to careers and jobs.
  • Allow students to gain realistic perspectives on expectations in a job and/or career field and the workplace requirements.



Field Trip in Stuttgard (Germany) - November 2019


On November 7 and 8, 2019,  a group of motivated and open-minded students travelled to Stuttgart for an economic mission organized by the AWEX Explort team accompanied by their professor, Mrs Anne-Christine Cadiat. They first prepared the mission by exploring the Walloon and Bade-Wurtenberg economic environments in order to detect synergies. They also trained their networking and presentation skills in order to meet with local managers and build relationships.


During the field trip, students met with Quentin Derzelle, the Awex local representative (Conseillé Economique et Commercial), and M. Andreas Friedrich, local Honorary Consul.  Both shared their knowledge and experience about doing business in Germany and particularly in the Bade-Wurtenberg region. Students visited the University of Hohenheim and attended an interesting conference about Brexit, by Porfessor Hans-Peter Burghof. They took part in the Career Day organized by the university and had the opportunity to develop contacts with companies such as Porsche, Aldi, Karcher, Daimler or Bosch (between others). They visited HEC Montreal and its Tech3Lab, a research lab focused on user experience (UX, for more information visit Besides they visited two companies: LappKabel and Daimler.  These visits were really impressive and educative. Finally, they had the chance to attend a presentation of the Stuttagrt Messe by its Director M. Lohnert, and to participate in the VISION Trade show. During this event, they met with selected Belgian and German companies active in machine vision.


The project helped each participant to develop his or her knowledge of the country, its diversity and culture; and also their professional presentation and networking skills.


We truly believe that these short and intensive missions are really beneficial for our students.  Through these programs they can evolve and develop their knowledge and soft skills, and through the numerous possible contacts with local companies they could have a better opportunity to find an internship in Germany.


Thanks to the AWEX team for this nice organization !



Anne-Christine Cadiat


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