Language Level Requirements

As our pedagogy in the master courses is mainly interactive (presentations, discussions, role play, etc), the exchange students are requested to show a good command of the teaching language in order to be able to participate actively during the class. Moreover, this good command will help them concentrate on the course content rather than on the language itself.

The requested level of the teaching language (French OR English* - see course description) to attend a class is the upper-intermediate level B2 (CECR) or equivalent as listed hereunder: 

This level has to be shown on an international or university certificate to be sent together with the application form. 

This requirement is only applicable to non-native speakers. If a non-native speaker wants to attend a full english program at HEC Liège, he/she does not have to provide French language certificate and vice versa.

* Some courses might require a good command of both English and French for organizational reasons (visits of local companies, interviews with local entrepreneurs, etc...). This requirement should be mentioned in the course description.

French language courses

The Institut Supérieur des Langues Vivantes (ISLV – Higher Institute of Living Languages) organizes French language courses for international students throughout the year:



Last update :24/06/2021