Courses Offer

Important information to consider before selecting courses

HEC Liège offers high standard education in Management, Economics and Business Engineering.

This offer is aimed at degree-seeking students who will attend a complete program with a specific study track. Timetables are built based on these programs constraints.

However, exchange students are allowed to choose from HEC bachelor and master programs based on their home curriculum requirements. Still, they MUST ensure for each course that the following requirements are met:

  • they do MEET the prerequisites (see course description)
  • they have a B2 competence (or similar – see language requirements) in French or in English depending on the course language.
  • they are in a position to attend EACH class shown in the timetable


University Program Structure

A full degree program = Bachelor + Master = 4 years (Master 60 ects) or 5 years (Master 120 ects with specialization)

1 year = 1 block

Bachelors (mainly taught in French!)

  • 3 Blocks (Block 1 – Block 2 – Block 3)
  • Each block = 1 academic year 
  • 1 year = 2 semesters (Q1 + Q2) = 60 ects credits
  • 1 semester = 30 ects credits

Masters (mainly taught in English!)

  • 2 Blocks (Block 1 – Block 2)
  • Each block = 1 academic year 
  • 1 year = 2 semesters (Q1 + Q2) = 60 ects credits
  • 1 semester = 30 ects credits


HEC Course offer


Bachelor programs (Mainly in French!)

Exchange students being accepted based on 2 years of previous university education (or similar preparation programs), they are expected to choose mainly from Block 3 in the Bachelor programs:


Master programs (Mainly in English!)

Bachelor students are allowed to take Master courses Block 1 provided that they meet the prerequisites (see course description).

Master students are allowed to take Master courses Block1 and Block 2

  • Master in Management
    • Banking and Asset Management

    • Financial Analysis and Audit

    • International Strategic Marketing

    • Global Supply Chain Management

    • Intrapreneurship and Management of Innovation Projects - Not open to exchange students!

  • Master in Business engineering (High quantitative requirements!)
    • Supply Chain Management and Business Analytics

    • Financial Engineering
    • Performance Management and Control
    • Intrapreneurship and Management of Innovation Projects - Not open to exchange students!
    • Sciences and technologies - Not open to exchange students!



Erasmus Courses (in English)

Extra courses intended for exchange students (Erasmus, ...)


HR Master (in French) in collaboration with the Faculty of Social Sciences on the Sart Tilman campus


For organizational reasons, the following classes are not open to Erasmus students:

  1. GPRO0001-1 Portfolio of Competence
  2. GPRO0002-1 Portfolio of Competence
  3. GEST1076-1 Seminar on Sustainability and Smart Territories
  4. Intrapreneurship


Semester Division and Timetables 

Semester Division

Q1 = First semester or 1er quadrimestre = from Mid September to end of January (exam period included)

Q2 = Second semester or 2ème quadrimestre = from February to June (exam period included)

TA = Whole year



Please note that some changes are still possible at the beginning of a new semester! 




LOL@ HEC is the e-campus of HEC Liege. There you will find all the practical information for each class that you are enrolled in (detailed calendar, slides, assignments information and instructions, documents and videos...)

To access it, log in with your ULiege credentials received upon personal registration at our IR ULiege office, place du 20 août.


Campus information

Most HEC courses are taught in the
City Center

However, some courses might also take place on the Sart Tilman campus (10 km from city center - B31, B33 etc). There are regular bus connections (bus line 48).


Therefore it is recommended to HEC exchange students to find accommodation in the city center. Our student organization, HEC ESN, will help them find a place nearby rue Louvrex.











Last update :25/06/2021