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The Learning Agreement

The “Learning Agreement” sets out the program of studies to be followed by the student abroad. It puts its emphasis on the thorough preparation of the mobility by including all the educational components/learning outcomes for the future recognition as well as the required language competence of the student.

All three parties (the student, the sending and the receiving institution) signing the agreement commit themselves complying with all the arrangements agreed, thereby insuring that the student should receive the recognition for the studies abroad.

The Learning Agreement is made of 3 sections:

  1. Before the mobility: Proposed study program
  2. During the mobility: Changes to the proposed study program
  3. After the mobility: Transcripts and Recognition

The students are invited to use the LA digital form provided by their home university (the sending institution).

For more information, please check the following website of the EU Commission:

Last update :25/06/2021