Faced with the new challenges of the labour market, the University of Liège has broken new ground in offering transdisciplinary programmes for several years.

Initiated with the Master in Law-Management, the transdisciplinary formula is a simple one: offering 2 Masters of 120 credits within a 3 year-study period.

Pursuing their initial training at Master level while including a strong component of the other discipline, Bachelor graduates obtain a first Master in the field of their Bachelor's course programme.  Then, after pursuing training in the other discipline, they obtain their second Master's degree in that discipline.



These programmes therefore enable students to combine the skills of two training courses and obtain two degrees.  

The programmes are designed to train specialists simultaneously in two quite different fields, yet without compromising with quality.

Thus, as of the 2019-2020 academic year, 4 transdisciplinary programmes will be on offer:

Last update :22/09/2019