The strengths of HEC Liège

Customized support : Success Factory

  • Induction and orientation sessions in August (preparatory courses) 
    • math, languages, science
    • preparation for higher studies and work method
  • Guidance service for studies at the University of Liege
  • Self-training methods
  • Exercises forming an integral part of the courses (theory + exercises)
  • Availability: customized meetings with qualified assistants 
  • Remedial work
  • Patronage system
  • Assessment every two months organized on different set subjects in order to spot potential dropouts 
  • Exam debriefing sessions
  • LOL@ virtual campus for learning: it brings together all the teaching resources the student needs along his academic path 

Development of soft skills

The HEC Liege Skills Portfolio offers students a wide variety of transdisciplinary workshops to enable them to 

  • develop soft skills (human and relational qualities such as being able to communicate and negotiate, to assume leadership etc.)
  • construct a vocational project 
  • acquire operational skills.

Examples: Preparation for employment, managing negotiations in English, public speaking, international career etc.  
From the 2nd year of the Bachelor’s degree program. 

The importance of languages 

When they graduate, all students of HEC Liege will be proficient in at least two foreign languages:

  • English: intensive course in business English as part of the Bachelor’s degree program (7 credits, 3 hours per week).  In the Master’s degree program, there are no longer any English lessons, but all courses are taught in English.  
  • A second foreign language is taught from the 1st year of the Bachelor’s degree program until the 2nd year of the Master’s degree program. 

We offer two levels of study in German, Spanish and Italian:

  • the standard level: beginners’ course, (no prior knowledge required)  
  • the advanced level for students who have already studied the language during   their secondary education.  

For Dutch, we offer only an advanced course.  However, very determined beginners can catch up by following 30 hours of extra courses in the 1st stage of the Bachelor’s degree course. 

During the Master’s degree program, students may also start a third language (Dutch, German or Spanish).

urthermore, if you are interested in a multilingual study program combining French and German, we can offer you a French-German Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management which includes a double degree, one from HEC and one from the University of Hohenheim in Germany! 

It’s worth knowing that the number of credits allocated to language courses in the Bachelor’s degree program is the highest in the whole of French speaking Belgium.  

An Erasmus stay and/or a business internship abroad also provide the opportunity for immersion in a chosen language. 

Day-to-day internationalization

  • An international environment: 70 different nationalities are represented at HEC Liege 
  • A French-German Bachelor’s degree program with the possibility of obtaining a double degree with a German university 
  • An experience of the export market on a “Young Business Actors”’ Field Trip 
  • Skills Portfolio workshops focusing on international experience and careers 
  • 35% of international students studying in the Master’s degree programs 
  • Full English teaching in the Master’s degree programs 
  • Possibility of a study trip abroad for a semester: Erasmus, Erasmus Belgica, stays outside Europe
  • Company internships abroad 
  • Possibility of obtaining a double degree (in English, German, Italian and English, French and English, and Dutch and English)
  • Possibility of summer university in mid-degree program 
  • International academics and experts 
  • International lectures 

An enriching student life 

At HEC Liege there is an active, friendly atmosphere.  Alongside actual studies, there are numerous possibilities to contribute and participate in the life of the School:

  • An active student association that, in particular, represents students on various School management bodies
  • OICs (Organismes d’Intérêt Collectif - Bodies of collective interest), real mini-businesses enabling students to participate actively in various sectors of school life:
    • ESN (Eramus Student Network): welcoming and integrating international students
    • Dow Jones Club : activities focusing on the stock exchange in collaboration with The PriceWaterhouseCoopers Trading Room
    • OIC Essentia : discovering the world in an alternative way through cooperative projects and humanitarian visits 
    • OIC Sport
    • Jphec: helps you organize your evenings out
    • Centrale des Cours (University bookshop) : sells syllabi and other stationery at very low prices
    • OIC Events: organizes different activities like reduced-price film screenings, live screening of sporting events, concerts, transportation to festivals such as "I LoveTechno", etc.
    • Cafet (eria): sells sandwiches and drinks to students. This is the main meeting place for students during coffee and lunch breaks
    • CB HECorganizes fun & festive events 
    • Campus Recruitment: facilitates meetings between companies and students to promote recruitment of future graduates
    • Entrep'Runners : is the Student Entrepreneurs club of the University of Liege
    • ESTIEM (European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management) provides networking opportunities for students wishing to combine technological skills with management expertise
  • Juniors entreprises inked to subjects taught:       
  • A national student organization that aims to introduce students to the financial markets and corporate finance and guide them to a deeper understanding

Close ties with companies

HEC Liege has strong links with companies.  For students, this entails various opportunities:

  • An internship of 10 weeks in a Belgian or foreign company, during the 2nd year of the Master’s degree program, linked to the chosen specialization 
  • or, a Project Thesis: for 1 day a week during the first term of the 2nd year of the Master’s degree program, and then full time during the second term, students work in a company in order to analyze a major management problem linked to their chosen specialization, and to make recommendations 
  • the presence of guest speakers during the courses, professional people who come to share their experience
  • academic chairs associating partner companies that wish to develop innovative skills with the teaching of HEC Liege. 

A ‘Career development’ service

The ‘Career Development’ Service supports students throughout their studies:

  • in stages 1 and 2, this is mainly individual support, on request, to (re-)direct studies
  • in stage 3, this involves reflection and support in the student’s choice of a Master’s degree and specialization 
  • during the Master’s degree program, the Service takes an increasingly active role.

     In order to meet students’ needs related to

  • their personal project
  • finding out about professions
  • drafting a CV and an accompanying letter 
  • preparation for a job interview
  • looking for an internship or a job

     The ‘Career Development’ Service offers 

  • individual coaching 
  • group workshops 
  • meetings with companies 
  • on-campus recruitment 
  • career evenings.

A student team, the Campus Recruitment team, works alongside the Service, organizing meetings between companies and students to promote recruitment of future graduates.

Numerous national and international career opportunities 

Doors open for HEC Liege graduates.  You have access to numerous professions, in companies, organizations, and all sectors of activity both in Belgium and abroad.  93% of our graduates find a job during the year following their graduation! 

In order to provide you help and support in your professional approaches, HEC Liège offers you a new CAREER CENTER !

This Career Center is THE Career Platform that will help you to find an internship or your dream job, during all your studies.

Register now and discover all of the job and internship offers >> 


HEC Alumni : a network for life

HEC Liege is also a closely knit network of 14,000 graduates worldwide, with a strong esprit de corps.  Members have the assurance of a community and the extraordinary mutual assistance that operates between HEC students, graduates, staff and partners, as well as prestigious events supporting effective networking.   

Last update :13/07/2021