Strategic research fields

Presentation of the strategic research fields

Research at HEC Liege is coordinated by our HEC Research unit (led by PRISME, Pôle de Recherche Interdisciplinaire en Sciences du Management et de l’Economie). It focuses on 7 strategic research fields which bring together studies and researchers in the specific fields of research in which HEC Liège can boast of internationally recognized expertise and in 1 emerging field that follows developments in society.

The fields are closely related to the research teams that cluster researchers, doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows. They are also related to the chairs linking researcheducation and companies.


Strategic research fields

Research Teams



Business Analytics & Supply Chain Management



HEC Digital Lab


Changing Workplace
& Strategic HRM




Skills Management Research Unit



Economic Analysis & Policy





HEC Digital Lab

Financial Management for the Future


Deloitte Chair in Financial Management and Corporate Valuation


Social Enterprise &
Business Ethics




CBC partnership – Academy of Social Entrepreneurs

W. Alter Chair in Social Economy

Eugénie Piedboeuf Chair in SMEs’ Extra-Financial Performance

Strategic Marketing Innovation


HEC Digital Lab

Strategy & Performance for the Society

Tax Institute

Smart City Institute


Smart City Institute:
Partners : Feder, Wallonie, Digital Wallonia, Schréder

Last update :07/09/2021