What are the challenges for the VentureLab?

  • To dare students to go further 
  • To encourage students and young graduates to start a business
  • To turn the Liege region into an international ”Hotspot” for student entrepreneurs, and agents of change.

What is it about?

VentureLab is designed as a supportive ecosystem to encourage entrepreneurship in students and young graduates from the Liege-Luxemburg academic hub.

Its mission is to spur students and young graduates into entrepreneurial action with the aim of creating jobs and finding answers to the issues of present-day society.

“During my internship, I was confronted with the recurring challenges that companies face when installing an ERP system: the data used are not always correct or complete, on the one hand, and, on the other, companies do not always know which data they actually have to integrate into the ERP system. Finally, the poor quality of the data does not allow for an efficient analysis. To face these challenges, I had the idea of developing a product that solves these issues.” 

Maxime Deuse

“When I was a student at HEC Liège, I wanted to make students’ life easier with respect to printing out courses and dissertations. They found it hard to find a decently priced copy service nearby, so this led me to create an online printing shop for student use only.”

Romain Simar


venture lab schema

Key Activities

Activity 1 – Incubator

  • To provide a place where project developers can work together;
  • Office equipment (Wi-Fi, telecom systems, photocopiers, printers, etc.);
  • The City VentureLab (where SmartCity projects can be incubated – mobility, safety, habitat, etc.).

Activity 2 – Student Entrepreneur Status

  • To reinforce the compatibility between handling a student curriculum and starting up a business;
  • To prove the University’s support to student-entrepreneurs;
  • The Student Entrepreneur Status confers entry to the Incubator.

Activity 3 – Entrepreneurs in Residence

  • Close support;
  • Bring field experience;
  • Foster networking.

Activity 4 – Venture Vouchers  

  • Access to a portfolio of legal, fiscal, technical, commercial, etc. expertise;
  • To award the incubated students with venture vouchers so they can have free access to business expertise.

On 19 April 2016, there were 44 young people from HEC Liège in our VentureLab: 24 students, 20 new graduates. These 44 young HEC members of our VentureLab are working on a total of 33 projects, 7 of them have set up their own business and another 7 are no longer under the VentureLab care for various reasons.

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