Applications and rules

Applications and rules

The call for applications is closed for the 2020 Edition





The inter-university “Philippe de Woot Award”, an initiative of the Université catholique de Louvain (UCL), aims to promote sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility by awarding, every two years, one prize to one or several Master thesis(es) which constitute(s) an original contribution to the understanding and thinking about Corporate Social Responsibility. The award is for any student graduated from a University or Business School at Master level and whose Master thesis is about corporate social responsibility or the contribution of companies/organizations to sustainable development.

For whom

The award is for any student graduated from an University or Business School at Master level over the world and whose Master thesis is about corporate social responsibility or sustainable enterprises and sustainable development.
Candidates must have completed their thesis during their academic year in 2017 – 2018 or 2018-2019.
Candidates can only participate once to this award.


This prize will be awarded every two years, during an award ceremony animated by reputed speakers from different backgrounds on the theme of CSR.


The call for applications is closed for the 2020 Edition


Document description



Abstract of the thesis (that will be published on the award website before the ceremony)


Max. 15 lines

Executive summary*


Max. 5000 words

A proof that the thesis has been accepted

English, French, or Dutch


Curriculum vitae of the student(s)

English, French, or Dutch

Max. 2 pages

Master thesis (electronic version)

English, French, or Dutch


* The executive summary should include the following elements: Introduction, Detailed research questions, Summary of literature review, Main characteristics of the methodology, Main results, contributions and implications for research and practice.


Jury members and all other people taking part in the selection processes, promise not to disclose any information to ensure strict confidentiality while processing the application files. It is best that the student informs and obtains the agreement of the concerned enterprise before submitting the application.

Jury and evaluation procedures

Applications will be examined in two steps: first by the academic co-ordination group, formed of a panel of academic representatives of universities/schools, and second by a group of stakeholders (representatives of companies, NGOs, trade unions, public authorities and/or associations linked to CSR as well as the media).

The academic co-ordination group will select the best master thesis with a maximum of five theses. The short-listed students will have to give a presentation of their project to the jury of stakeholders in an innovative and creative way (video). Criteria for this video presentation:

- 180 seconds max.
- content has to be made understandable in laymen terms
- content has to be presented in an appealing manner

A final deliberation between members of the academic jury and the jury of stakeholders will determine who is the winner of the « Philippe de Woot Award ».

Evaluation criteria

The jury members (academics and stakeholders) will pay special attention to the following items:

  • Originality of the master thesis (subject and/or approach)
  • Quality of the project
  • Quality and rigor of the scientific reasoning
  • Anchored in practice and relevance to practitioners
  • Format, structure and fluency of the text

Awarding ceremony

The awarding ceremony the winner of the « Philippe de Woot 2020 Award » will be announced. The three to five nominees are invited to attend the ceremony. The winner will be asked to prepare and present a professional presentation of his/her thesis during the ceremony.

Will be invited to the ceremony:

  • the students of the participating universities/management schools,
  • professors and researchers interested in CSR topics,
  • representatives of the corporate world,
  • public state representatives,
  • the press.


The award-winner will receive a prize of 3,000 EUR. 1,500 EUR will be directly given to the student and the remaining 1,500 EUR will be offered to an environmental or a social project to be chosen by the student. In addition, communication in the media and international networks will be ensured.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact


Co-ordinator of the « Philippe de Woot Award »
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4000 Liège - Belgium
Tel. +32 4 366 37 73 

Valérie SWAEN
Co-ordinator of the « Philippe de Woot Award »
Louvain School of Management
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Tel. + 32 10 47 91 56
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