Young Business Actors


Each year since 2012, we have organized, with the support of the Walloon Agency for Exportation (AWEX), several international fieldtrips where students live a five-day immersion in the local culture through an intensive program of meetings and visits. In recent years, the formula has become more selective: Within the framework of an annual call for projects, a professor submits a file to AWEX and only 3 projects per school are selected.

To be selected, the fieldtrip should:

(1) Reinforce students' interest in functions related to international business development.

(2) Strengthen their knowledge of the Walloon economic fabric.

3) Provide Walloon exporting companies with concrete information on a given market and promote contact between these companies and potential future trainees or even future employees, and thus potentially have a positive impact on the development of Walloon exports. The fieldtrip is organized in the frame of a course / workshop and must imperatively be linked with the academic subjects taught.




Caroline Michotte

Last update :29/08/2019