When they graduate, all students of HEC Liege will be proficient in at least two foreign languages:

  • English: intensive course in business English as part of the Bachelor’s degree program (7 credits, 3 hours per week).  In the Master’s degree program, there are no longer any English lessons, but most of the courses are taught in English
  • A second foreign language is taught from the 1st year of the Bachelor’s degree program until the 2nd year of the Master’s degree program.

We offer two levels of study:

  • the standard level: beginners’ course, (no prior knowledge required). Available languages : Chinese ( ! taught in English), German,  Italian, Spanish.
  • the advanced level for students who have already studied the language during their secondary education. Available languages : Dutch, German, Spanish.

For Dutch, very determined beginners can catch up by following 30 hours of extra courses in the 1st stage of the Bachelor’s degree course.

During the Master’s degree program, students may also start a third language (Chinese, Dutch, German, Italian or Spanish).


Discover the different "Parcours Langues" !


It’s worth knowing that the number of credits allocated to language courses in the Bachelor’s degree program is the highest in the whole of French speaking Belgium. 

Last update :17/12/2021