The HEC spirit

HEC together

At HEC Liège, students, graduates, professors, staff members and business partners have forged a strong relationship, with a real team spirit.  Working together, each one is committed to developing and keeping alive the fundamental values of the School, such as openness, creativity, an entrepreneurial spirit, and the will to act to improve their immediate or the wider environment.

HEC Liège is a community: a human community which brings together strong individuals, multiple talents and outstanding success.  It is a community which shares a work ethic, but also likes to have fun, which has an extraordinary ability to engage and an unfailing responsiveness.  In conclusion, it is a community of knowledge, service and experience, shared for the benefit of all.

HEC for ever

The HEC experience does not end once studies are finished.  The links made during the 5 years of training are the cement which binds long-lasting and useful relationships with the School and with the members of the Alumni network.  Throughout their professional life, each graduate is an ambassador for the HEC Liège brand: each one takes it forward and showcases it both in Belgium and in an international context.

This characteristic HEC Liège esprit de corps is forged from the very first years of study; it originates and grows in the excitement of School life, through the Student Association, the non-profit-making student organizations which organize different aspects of School life, the junior businesses, the innovative educational activities and international study periods, etc.  It carries on through varied professional and festive activities, when our Alumni get together with renewed pleasure, to extend their network, to talk about their professional skills, to catch up with news and developments or just to share old memories!

HEC everywhere

An openness to the international perspective is the DNA of the School.   Our students, our experts, our Alumni can be found all over the world; and the world can be found in HEC Liège: “internationalization at home” is growing all the time and the percentage of foreign students attracted to HEC continues to increase.

Last update :24/09/2020