The HEC Fund –  Why donate?  

The HEC Fund –  Why donate?  


Leave a lasting imprint, launch a bridge between the School and future generations!


The object of the HEC Fund is to mobilize donors to raise complementary funding so as to support HEC Liège's development projects and reinforce its service to society.  

Your contribution to the HEC Fund will impact HEC Liège's 4 axes of strategic development.


You will be fostering diversity in the training of tomorrow's executives

Your donations and support will enable HEC Liège to constantly improve the quality of its teaching, namely through innovative pedagogical projects, new teaching technologies and the punctual contribution of business professionals.

> Trading room 

Equipped with some thirty work stations connected in real time to national and international financial markets, HEC Liège's trading room is a unique tool for students.  

This enables them to get to know financial markets through real life cases and make financial simulations while applying the concepts learned in their courses.  

Doing so, they acquire thorough experience and knowledge of their future professional tools and working conditions.

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> Digital Lab

The HEC Digital Lab is the transdisciplinary center of excellence within HEC Liège Management School, spearheading research and education in digital technologies. 

The center is composed of faculty, researchers, staff and developers from various horizons and disciplines (e.g. marketing, computer science, strategy, economics, …). Its Advisory Board gathers representatives of both the partnering institutions and the school. 

The HEC Digital Lab is supported by the Walloon Region and contributes to the Digital Wallonia strategy.

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> Skills Workshop

The  Skills Workshop breaks new ground in French-speaking Belgium. It offers students a wide range of multidisciplinary workshops with a view to :

  • developing soft skills (relational and managerial skills, creativity and entrepreneurship, critical mind and ethical vision);
  • setting up a business project;
  • acquiring operational skills;
  • customizing training.

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> Outstanding Encounters 

HEC Liège is engaged in an ongoing process aiming at improving the quality of its training, namely through innovative pedagogical projects, new teaching technologies and the punctual contributions of business experts.

Guest Speakers

Together let's invest in state-of-the-art pedagogical tools!

You will be supporting scientific and applied research 

Thanks to you along with its faculty, researchers and an ever growing number of Ph.Ds and Ph.D candidates, HEC Liège has become a major player in the research pertaining to its areas of excellence.  

Its scientific production enjoys international recognition and a strong societal impact – meaning as many advantages for its students, who are the prime beneficiaries of the dissemination of this knoweldge.  

Research at HEC Liège is coordinated by PRISME, which is the Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Management and Economic Sciences.  The areas of excellence are closely connected to the research centres – gathering Ph.D candidates and Post-Ph.D holders – as well as to the chairs, which ensure strong ties between research, training and enterprises.  

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 Let's enable our scientific community to make the most of its expertise!  

You will be promoting the School's international recognition

Your participation will enable HEC Liège to develop its international reputation and its students' opening up to the world, namely through strengthening strategic links with accredited partner universities, setting up campuses overseas, multilingual programmes and doubble degrees.

> OpenBordersMBA

This programme enables senior executives to take a MBA Executive multilingual (English, Dutch, German and French) programme. 

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> Summer school

The "Summer School" workshop of the Skills Workshop enables students to spend 2 to 4 summer weeks in an HEC Partner university to take a course programme organized around one theme (marketing, economics, business, etc.) along with company visits and cultural events.

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> Master in Sofia

In partnership with ESFAM of Sofia, HEC Liège organizes a Master programme in Management, with a specialism in Public Management, which welcomes students originating from several Central European countries.   

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> Kinshasa Management School

In collaboration with the Institut Supérieur de Commerce in Kinshasa, HEC Liège and the Faculty of Law of the University of Liège have set up the "Kinshasa Management School", which trains executives and future executives in Strategic Management and Coporate Law.  

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With your support, let's ensure HEC Liège's international reputation! 

You will be sponsoring your Region's economic development 

Your collaboration will launch a bridge between HEC Liège and future generations within its region.  The School implements concrete projects hinging around major development hubs, such as: entrepreneurship and young entrepreneurs' training, the flourishing of social economy and the challenges of sustainable development in modern cities.

> VentureLab

Sponsoring young entrepreneurs

This ambitious ecosystem aims to foster the creation and takeover of companies by students and young graduates of all High Education institutions, thanks namely to their status as student-entrepreneurs.

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> HEC Liège Entrepreneurs

Your company's future players

Today's graduates, tomorrow's entrepreneurs! The HEC Liège Entrepreneurs programme allies practice and theory.  The programme's particularity is to put the participants in a real life situation where all missions are to be carried out in Belgian or foreign companies. This enables the participants to find out about and analyse all the stages of a company's life and to benefit from customized coaching.

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> Smart City Institute

The sustainable development of cities

The mission of the Smart City Institute is to train students in sustainable development and more specifically as regards 'Smart Cities'. It also singles out projects aiming at bringing innovative answers to the issues and challenges with regard to the development of modern cities.

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Help us prepare the future of our region!


Donations to the HEC Fund are a direct contribution to the success of its initiatives. 

Last update :02/09/2021