Mentoring for women

The changes we are experiencing have greatly increased the need for support, exchange of experiences and sharing among peers.  

More than ever, the "Mentoring au Féminin" program that HEC Liège has been offering for a few years makes perfect sense!


The objective?

To give support to young female students and graduates during and after their academic career, in order to:

  • offer them personalized guidance
  • help them to better define their options
  • develop their strengths and their own resources
  • find the solutions best-suited to them in order to take up the challenges they are faced with now, and will be facing in the future
  • support them in their first steps in the professional world.

Our Mentors have substantial professional expertise; they give support to young graduate women and help them in defining their career objectives with the purpose of avoiding the glass ceiling and other employment traps.





Sabine Hauser
Career Development Manager



Last update :01/12/2021