Mission, Vision, Values

The School’s Mission

HEC Liège fosters real-life education and research in economics and management for the benefit of our local community and the wider society.

The School’s Vision

HEC Liège is a central hub from where we share and transfer our competencies, our internationally recognized research and expertise to agile learners, our local community and our international partners. 



The School’s Key Values

Through a quality education organized around the principles of academic freedom and the freedom of scientific research and in line with the University Charter of Values, the School embraces the following set of values:

  • Critical thinking
  • Highest standards in design and execution
  • Social responsibility
  • Respect for diversity
  • Ethics
  • Personal development
  • Multiculturality

The School’s Foundations for Success:

With a view to achieving its vision, HEC Liège will build on the following resources and capabilities:

  • Its strong partnership with the corporate world;
  • Its unique autonomous governance within a large renowned University;
  • The HEC network, including alumni, sponsors, partners, etc.;
  • Its full-range education program, from bachelor to executive education;
  • Its international reach, inside its region and worldwide;
  • Its influential academic research.
Last update :12/07/2019