Baillet Latour Chair in Social Investment and Philanthropy

Titular professor 

Virginie Xhauflair, PhD 

Assistant Professor


Philanthropy and Social Investment


 The Baillet Latour Chair in Philanthropy and Social Investment is the result of a partnership between the Baillet Latour Fund and HEC Liege.  The objective of this Chair, which has been developed within the Centre for Social Economy, is to support the development of expertise in philanthropy, with the idea of using and implementing philanthropy to support projects of general interest
The Chair, through its team’s work on the theme of philanthropy, aims to:

  • conduct a study of philanthropic practices in Belgium and of the representations of philanthropists and donors with regard to these practices  
  • put Belgian philanthropic practices into perspective compared to other European countries and the Anglo-Saxon tradition
  • clarify the role of philanthropy in funding / support for organizations conducting projects of general interest, and highlight the issues thrown up by these forms of philanthropic support  
  • construct and make available theme and method based expertise, encouraging experimentation and the use of new tools and/or new philanthropic practices       
  • encourage the take-up of philanthropic practice by better knowledge of its forms, practices and impacts.     

Partner(s) of the Chair


Last update :18/01/2018