Bachelor in Economics and Management

The Bachelor’s degree program in Economics And Management gives you training in 2 subjects at the same time (management and economics) during your first 3 years, before choosing an orientation either toward a Master’s degree in Economics, or else toward a Master’s degree in Management Science.

The Bachelor’s program in Economics and Management will give you quality multidisciplinary training focusing on:

  • the bases of economics and management (political economics, micro-economics and macro-economics and company functions: finance, marketing and human resources management)
  • the human, social and legal contexts (law)                    
  • methodological tools (mathematics, statistics, IT)
  • languages (English and one of the following: Dutch, German, Spanish, Chinese or Italian)
  • the workshops of the Skills Portfolio to develop soft skills or tool skills, operations skills, through participation in a project, a competition or a complex training program.  In this way, you build up your own professional project.
Last update :18/02/2021