Bachelor in Business Engineering

The basic elements of the 3 year Bachelor’s course in Business Engineering are the same as those of the Bachelor’s course in Economics and Management Science.

However, Business Engineering includes

  • more quantitative methods (operational research, modeling and simulation)
  • a particular focus on analytical reasoning
  • scientific bases and interactions between science, techniques and industrial innovation etc., which are presented, particularly during the first years, by science courses (chemistry, physics etc.) in the curriculum
  • a strong emphasis on technology.

The Bachelor in Business Engineering is intended for students who have an aptitude and interest for mathematics and science.  


EN Au terme de ce programme les étudiants auront développé un ensemble de compétences, ces résultats d'apprentissage ("Key Learning Outcomes") décrivent la capacité du diplômé à accomplir des tâches opérationnelles complexes que l'on rencontre dans la vie professionnelle.  Chaque compétence est représentée ci-dessous et se décline en éléments essentiels détaillés sous la représentation visuelle.



establish a strategy in order to optimize the value chain of a company, an organization or a project.


taking charge of the everyday management of a company, an organization or a project.

Quality and Performance Control

plan and implement the performance and quality control in a company, an organization or a project.


communicate efficiently, internally and externally, about a company, organization or project.


adapt their managerial practice to the needs of a fast-evolving world.

Last update :03/05/2018