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Director of Corporate Relations
Alumni Network Director

  Sabine HAUSER 
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Assistant to Alumni
Network Manager 

  Aurore TILKIN
Corporate Relations & Alumni
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Governance of the network

The HEC Liège Alumni Network is supported by the Alumni Advisory Board, led Melchior Wathelet Sr.

It is mainly composed of:

  • Alumni working in various expertise fields in Belgium and abroad;
  • Representatives of the regional economic fabric;
  • Members of HEC Liège.

It meets twice a year in order to determine the action and communication guidelines of the Alumni Network and to offer a program of activities that is adapted to the specific needs of each graduates group.

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Click here to find the list of members of the Alumni Advisory Board (PDF)



This structure contributes to forging a strong dynamic and a community between students, graduates, staff and partners of HEC Liège by involving each of these components in all decision-making processes, by communicating and living its fundamental values. 

In order to federate the network abroad, an "International Alumni/ae Board" section has also been set up thanks to the various Ambassadors who represent the network in the four corners of the world.

Our main missions : 

  • To facilitate dialogue and the sharing of experiences, both professional and personal, between all members of the HEC Liège community (Alumni/ae, students and staff members) ;
  • To use all means to maintain and increase the reputation, in Belgium and abroad, of the HEC Liège brand and the degrees delivered by the School;
  • To develop pride in belonging to the community of HEC Liège graduates;   
  • To help graduates in search of advice;
  • To ensure this link through :
    • Managing the alumni database made available to the community members (Alumni/ae, students and HEC Liège staff) via its Alumni/ae Service.
    • Organization activities and programs in line with the needs of the network.
    • Proposing continuous training.
    • Relaying ambassadors, in Belgium and abroad,
    • As well as through all of its written and digital publications: Spirit of Management, the website, newsletters, social networks etc. with the objective of being closer to all graduates, promoting the professional activity of the Alumni/ae and boosting contacts between them.

Note on privacy protection: 

Your personal data (private and professional details, graduation year, participation in student associations, Alumni/ae events etc.) are recorded in a computerized file by the HEC Liège Alumni/ae network (processed by the Group for HEC Liège ASBL), for the purpose of legitimate interest.

These data will be preserved until notified to the contrary by you and used within the framework of our missions stated above. This data may be transmitted to the following third parties:

  • To students: your professional contact information as part of their efforts to find an internship or a job in a targeted manner.
  • To the Alumni/ae of your class: for contact within your network or any other action related to the development of our missions. They will not be anonymized.

Your data will therefore not be mass communicated to the outside world.

In accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679) and the law of 30 July 2018 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, you may exercise your rights with regard to this personal data (right of access, rectification, deletion, limitation and opposition) by contacting the following address: alumni-hec@uliege.be or, failing that, the ULiège Data Protection Officer (dpo@uliege.be - Monsieur le Délégué à la Protection des Données, Bât. B9 Cellule " GDPR ", Quartier Village 3, Boulevard de Colonster 2, 4000 Liège, Belgium). You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Authority (https://www.autoriteprotectiondonnees.be, contact@apd-gba.be).


Last update :29/11/2021