Summer schools

We offer our Master students the opportunity of participating in a Summer School with some of our partner institutions (e.g., Hong-Kong Polytechnic, Nova School of Business & Economics, Stockholm Business School, Porto Business School, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics,...). Some non-partner institutions are also promoted, provided they enjoy an excellent reputation on the international scene. The activity is organized through the Skills Workshops and students are granted 3 ECTS credits for participating.

Depending on the destination, the topics of the course range from business, to marketing, economics, arts and history, etc. Academic activities are usually combined with company visits and cultural activities.

Students are requested to attend the whole Summer School program (from 10 days to 4 weeks). At the end, a transcript of records is sent confirming the student investment and participation.  Afterwards they have to write a report (discovery report, learning outcomes). Their feedback is very useful to promote the activity: so far, all participants have confirmed that the activity is unique, very enriching and fully “internationalizing”.

In order to help our students achieve their goal, we have been offering substantial financial help for more than 4 years, through grants and discounts.


Almost 100% participants assessed the internationalization of the activity

at level 5 out of 5


Anthony Piccoli – Southwestern University of Finance and Economics – China

I definitely recommend this summer school to everyone! This experience was amazing and incredible. I have learnt so much about China such as their culture, their views for the future, their daily life, etc. It was a big cultural shock for me and I enjoyed it a lot



Audrey De Crem – Católica Porto Business School – Portugal

I’m glad that I experienced such a trip! I met lovely people with whom I would like to keep in touch but more importantly, it was humanely rewarding. I’ve already recommended some people to try this experience and I hope they will. It’s an opportunity that everyone should consider since it’s recognized in our cursus!



Odile Oury – Stockholm University School of Business – Sweden

I really enjoyed participating in this Summer School Program, which was very enriching and full of encounters for me. I was able to discover a new country, a new culture, new people with whom I am still in contact. The course I took also allowed me to see audit and accounting from a new angle, less financial than what I am learning here at HEC. Moreover, even though I only spent 2 weeks there, my level of English has improved and I have more facilities to communicate in this language. I only take positive feedback from this experience and I highly recommend it to all interested students.

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