Incoming students

Each year HEC Liège appeals more than 300 international students to its programs either for a degree completion or for an exchange experience. These students are welcomed by staff, student organization and buddies so that they can quickly feel at home in the school. They are offered a wide choice of classes conducted in French or in English where they mix with the local population. They are part of the internationalization at home process that is mutually beneficial:  on the one hand, the international students get to experience new ways of teaching and new classes and on the other hand, they create an innovative and enriching classroom dynamics.

Hosting international students generates an intellectual stimulation that is very interesting and positive. Besides, being confronted to diversity is essential because the students will experience it in their professional lives

Professor Marie Lambert, Multinational Financial Management.


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The level at HEC is high and above all the pedagogical methodology is really different and interesting. Here, we have the opportunity to practice and collaborate with other students during group projects

Marina (Spain)


At HEC, we receive a lot of slides and a few books. We are not used to that but it helps us to experience new methods and to develop our adaptability 

Raffaele (Italy)


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