An enriching student life

HEC Liège enjoys an active, friendly atmosphere.  Alongside academic study, there are numerous opportunities to contribute to and participate in the life of the school:

HEC Student Association : Assoc'

The Assoc' is the main student association that represents students on various school management bodies.


Bodies of Collective Interest (Organismes d’Intérêt Collectif) : OIC

OICs are real mini-businesses enabling students to participate actively in various sectors of the school life:




  • OIC Sport
  • Jphec: helps you organize your evenings out

  • Centrale des Cours (University bookshop) : sells syllabi and other stationery at very low prices

  • OIC Events: organizes different activities like reduced-price film screenings, live screening of sporting events, concerts, transportation to festivals such as "I LoveTechno", etc. 

  • Cafet (eria): sells sandwiches and drinks to students. This is the main meeting place for students during coffee and lunch breaks

  • CB HEC: organizes fun & festive events 

  • Campus Recruitment: facilitates meetings between companies and students to promote recruitment of future graduates

  • Entrep'Runners : is the Student Entrepreneurs club of the University of Liege

  • ESTIEM (European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management) provides networking opportunities for students wishing to combine technological skills with management expertise


Junior Enterprises


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