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Spirit of Management invites you to explore HEC Liège’s key lines of development, its skills and research areas, the entrepreneurial spirit and innovations of its professors and students, and the establishment of Chairs, through the medium of engaging headlines: meetings, interviews, personal viewpoints, news stories, commentaries and editorials, etc.



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Spirit of Management is a place for communication and dialogue between the School, its international partners and business partners.  Its columns are open to all those who would like to encourage discussion and the exchange of different points of view to bring to life new collaborations, new projects and a closer match between our teaching practice and the requirements of the outside world in training our students. 

It is the main channel of communication between the School and its Alumni, and portrays highly successful career paths, encounters and profiles of business leaders.

The magazine is composed of different themes illustrated by a pictogram: Education - International - Research - Executive Education - Alumni - Partners - Entrepreneurship & Innovation - Focus - Events & News - Inside, etc. There are regular special issues.

Spirit of Management is published 3 times a year (October, February and June). Eight thousand copies are produced in print form and it is sent, in electronic format, to more than 10,000 readers.  It is distributed to businesses, to our graduates, to our students, to our international partners, to the documentation centers of schools and universities, and to political and economic bodies in our country.


Last update :14/02/2022