Congratulations, SOPIAD!

A spin-off of the Financial Management for the Future (FM4F) research centre of the HEC Liège Management School of the University of Liège, SOPIAD (Socrates Portfolio-Investor Adequacy) was established in 2021 thanks to a First Spin-Off grant from the Walloon Region. Based in Liège and member of fintech ecosystems (Fintech Belgium, LHoFT and ABBL FinTech Circle in Luxembourg), SOPIAD has just been ranked among the 100 most innovative financial technology providers in the world.


Georges Hübner (2nd left) is the initiator of the Sopiad project. The team is now led by Pierre Nemeth (3rd left). credit :


Created in March 2021 - after three years of internal R&D within HEC Liège under the guidance of Professor Georges Hübner and thanks to a First Spin-Off grant from the Walloon Region - SOPIAD (Socrates Portfolio-Investor Adequacy) seeks to provide a disruptive and innovative personalized financial portfolio diagnostic system - called SAFIR - that is totally investor-centric. The company, led by Pierre Nemeth, Simon Taquet, and Julien Renkin - all three graduates of the University of Liège - is developing software solutions that will allow for a true industrialization of a fully individualized diagnostic tool. This is a major challenge in the wealth & asset management sectors. SOPIAD wishes to provide an interface allowing the user (the end client, his advisor, the portfolio manager, or even the compliance officer) to load or create investor profiles, to screen and build portfolios, and to test the adequacy between the investor and the portfolio.

Fourteen years after the founding of Gambit Financial Solutions (2007) - which was acquired 10 years later by BNP Paribas Asset Management and is now a well-established Fintech - SOPIAD has the ambition to become a new ambassador for HEC Liège / Université de Liège and its expertise in financial management. The company has just been ranked among the 100 most innovative financial technology providers in the world. The annual WealthTech100 list is a prestigious ranking that recognizes the world's most innovative technology solution providers that address the digital transformation challenges and opportunities faced by investment firms, private banks and financial advisors.

The process of identifying the 100 Leaders in WealthTech Innovation was more competitive than ever this year, with more than 1,200 companies being considered. A panel of analysts and industry experts voted for the 100 finalists by assessing the impact of the companies' proposed solutions in solving a significant industry problem, or in driving efficiency improvements across the wealth management value chain.